China Trys to Curb Excessive Lithium Battery Growth

On November 18th, in order to further strengthen the management of the lithium-ion battery industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of the ... more info

How does a lithium ion battery work? A Quik Answer

Imagine a world without lithium-ion batteries. First, mobile devices don't work as you know. Mobile phones and laptops will be huge and heavy. In ... more info

Household Energy Storage Market "Blowout"

By the end of 2022, Paineng Technology's production capacity is expected to reach 7GWh, and in 2024, it will reach over 12GWh of energy storage ... more info

EVE's 3 Billion Energy Storage Headquarters Settled in Wuhan

At present, the energy storage fields that EVE has laid out cover the fields of communication energy storage, wind energy storage, distributed energy ... more info

Argentine President Fernandez meets with Li Zhen, Chairman of Guoxuan Hi-Tech

Guoxuan (Gotion) Hi-Tech has reached cooperation with Jujuy National Energy and Mining Company, and will cooperate with Corven Company in Buenos ... more info

Lishen 24GWh power battery project started

The rapid implementation of Lishen battery production capacity mainly serves its diversified market strategy, that is, to go hand in hand in the ... more info

Lithium battery has a big opportunity in the era of energy storage

The future lithium battery energy storage space is very large. Lithium batteries are the most commercialized new energy storage route, and long-term ... more info

CATL: Mass production of new LiMnFePO4 batteries in the second half of 2022

On July 13, some media reported that the lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries of CATL, Xinwangda and EVE Lithium Energy have passed the battery ... more info

Lithium Iron Manganese Phosphate has a significant cost-effectiveness advantage

Lithium iron manganese phosphate battery, compared with lithium iron phosphate, it has higher energy density, is safer and has advantages in cost ... more info

Special Report on Household Energy Storage Industry: Overseas household storage is booming, opening a golden growth period

The demand for energy storage is growing rapidly. In 2022, the world will usher in a new stage of household energy storage explosion, and the ... more info

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